Welker About
WELKER TATTOO MACHINES: Every Welker tattoo machine is manufactured in our state-of-the-art machine shop. We control each step in the process which ensures each machine will meet our quality standards at every stage of production. The result is a clean, precision milled, hand-finished tattoo machine made to the highest industry standards. 
Welker frames are CNC machined from a single piece of 1018 cold-rolled steel. After milling, the frame is inspected and hand finished. Next, the frame, armature bar and coil core are full vacuum annealed to increase power and reduce magnetic memory. This is an additional process unique to Welker machines. Frames are finished in Black Oxide with a solid brass binding post & contact screw. 
The Welker Quick-Release vice is an original design and will hold nearly any size stem or tube including the disposable models. 
On our coil tattoo machines, a clip cord connection is our standard set-up, but a RCA set-up is available upon request. 
Before we box, pack and ship, every Welker machine is hand-tuned. All machines carry a lifetime warranty for the frame to the original owner. Should your machine become damaged or break, contact us to arrange for repair at our machine shop. Should your machine need to be re-tuned, just send it back and we will tune it (for free if within the first year of purchase).